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We are locally owned and operated here in Georgia!

Breakfast and Brunch

It’s amazing how these two simple words can bring a smile to people’s faces.

They are tied to a time of morning that encompasses new beginnings, a fresh start and oftentimes the comforts of home: hints of cinnamon and bacon fill the air, warm maple syrup, fresh fruit, whatever it is that makes your mouth water and takes you to your happy place. Mmmmm…

And, think of all the special occasions that are celebrated over brunch: After a wedding, a baby shower, Mother’s Day and so many more. The food and the event are interchangeable.

Why Reveille? In my house growing up, Sunday breakfast (we didn’t even know what Brunch was back then) was the most anticipated meal of the week. We’d wake up to the smell of bacon, and sit down to eggs fried to perfection in the leftover bacon grease in mom’s cast iron skillet, along with potatoes with onions. I have to mention that back then, we also didn’t know about cholesterol! It was the only time we could drink coffee as kids – a real treat for us as we pretended to be grown-ups. And, never a Christmas passed when we didn’t celebrate with breakfast right after midnight service.

Fast food restaurants have certainly staked their claim on breakfast. What once was the most important meal of the day has become a matter of convenience on the run or skipped altogether, rather than an enjoyment – a time for nourishment and/or indulgence in a hearty, healthy meal.

Whatever your passion is for breakfast, Reveille has recreated the age-old breakfast tradition and combined it with today’s favorites and some healthier options as well, including eggs Benedict, strawberry waffles, bacon & eggs, or a bowl of oatmeal with a side of fresh fruit.

Please, come and join us. Sit back in a bright and relaxing atmosphere. Bring your family, dine solo or dine with co- workers and discuss the day’s business. If you’re not an early riser, join us for brunch. Whatever your needs, we are here to serve you!

Warmest wishes and happy eating,

Jay & Nicole

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Locally Owned

We are locally owned and operated here in Georgia!